jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

21 de Junio: Escribe a Las Vegas Sands para mostrar tu rechazo a Eurovegas

La Plataforma "Eurovegas NO" ha decidido ampliar su marco de actuación para poner de manifiesto su rechazo a la instalación del proyecto Eurovegas en cualquier parte del territorio español. Hoy, 21 de junio de 2012 la Plataforma promueve el envío de correos electrónicos a la empresa transnacional de juego, Las Vegas Sands Corp., que tiene la intención de poner en marcha este macrocomplejo que deteriorará aún más las condiciones del territorio, y supondrá la cesión de derechos sociales y laborales, y unas condiciones económicas y fiscales totalmente desiguales e injustas. 
Para que todos podáis participar en este envío fácilmente, tenemos un modelo de carta en inglés que podéis ver y copiar debajo de estas líneas. Aunque por supuesto, podéis realizar vuestras propias cartas de rechazo y mandarlas. 
La idea es que todos mandemos los correos al mismo tiempo, y para ello hemos decidido hacer el envío el jueves 21 de junio en el intervalo de 17 a 19 horas, ya que un representante de Las Vegas Sands estará en Barcelona el lunes 25 de junio y en Madrid el 26 de junio y así  se lo haremos llegar con anterioridad. 
De todas formas, si no os es posible hacerlo este día y a esas horas, no os preocupéis: mandad el email cuando podáis, ya que lo importante es mostrar el rechazo de la sociedad a este proyecto. 
Debéis mandar vuestras cartas a través de este formulario de la web de LVS: http://investor.lasvegassands.com/contactus.cfm

Muchas gracias a todos por vuestra colaboración.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to express my profound rejection of the complex, popularly known as Eurovegas, that Las Vegas Sands is planning to develop in Spain. I would like to remind you that in a state based on the rule of law, as Spain is, laws may not be modified according to the preferences of individuals or companies. Nor is it acceptable to deviate public funds or resources to corporate initiatives that only seek private profit.

I am opposed to this project for various reasons:

- It demands modifications of labour laws, jeopardizing job security.

- It involves the free concession of public land and the construction of infrastructure, to be paid for at public expense. Furthermore, it will cause environmental destruction and have a huge impact on the region's energy and water resources.

- It implies the creation of a tax haven, and demands changes to the Law of Prevention of Money Laundering, with all the criminal connotations that this would entail. Other demands include exemption from social security obligations, exemption from state, regional and local taxes, a law guaranteeing the project fiscal advantages for 10 years, and changes in corporate tax law. This is unfair and negative for the national economy, and it is especially outrageous considering Spain's complicated situation in regards to its public deficit. If this is a profitable investment for Las Vegas Sands, why demand all these tax exemptions?

- The deal is being done behind closed doors, and citizens must rely on patchy information in the press if we want to know what is happening. These opaque negotiations are a clear example of a lack of democracy, and of an agreement between political and corporate elites from which only they benefit. If the project is beneficial for citizens, why have the reports on which it is based not been made public?

- Public opinion is increasingly unfavourable towards the project, as this online petitions shows:

As such, I strongly reject a project that will entrench a model of production which is well known in Spain, and which we no longer want due to the negative social impact it entails: increased inequality, unemployment, poverty; corruption; environmental degradation, etc. Spanish society has matured with the crisis, and will oppose this mega-project that is being negotiated behind citizens' backs, and which only benefits those involved in the negotiations.


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